Drug treatment of dermatitis (Zinnat 125 mg)

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Acne is a widespread skin diseases, especially common in puberty (from 13-22 years) and may be extended to other age groups. The cause of acne is caused by inflammation of the sweat pores and glands which secrete sebum, so the disease often occurs in people who have oily skin or mixed.

Special programs use techniques to Support Laser treatment of acne skin and oily secretion adjusted. This technology uses blue light energy to decompose Phonoporphyrin bacteria, killing the inflammation of acne, while RF electromagnetic energy effect gradually shrink sebaceous gland, reduce oily skin become more balanced fairer. Besides, in the course of treatment was a combination of cosmeceuticals that provide vitamins and minerals essential elements to help accelerate the regeneration of new skin cells and the gradual loss of red bruises and scars.


Food not the causes giving rise to acne. However, some sugars and fats in foods such as tea, cakes, chocolate, durian, mango … are factors that promote acne.

Acne develops when the body’s sebaceous glands produce too much sebum. This combined with mucus cells of the sebaceous glands clog the pores. The motivating factors arising acne include food, hormonal changes (such as prior to menstruation), stress, exposure to chemicals and drugs (such as Corticosteroids groups, anti-TB drugs INH, vitamin B12 , contraceptive pills).

Acne developed over four stages:

Blockage of the hair follicle tubes: The cells of the sebaceous glands and pores of the tube when the dead will be excreted through the pores tube, but when they are not excreted in the natural mechanisms, it will cause congestion, blocking the movement of fluids in the tube.

The excessive activity of the sebaceous glands: The amount of mucus produced in the sebaceous glands are stimulated by hormones, mainly testosterone. Due to the production of the body’s hormone highest increase in the years to mature mucus production also increased rapidly. Men often severe acne than women in adulthood due to be producing more testosterone. It also found no acne in men when two testicles removed.

The increase in activity of the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes: Propionibacterium acnes bacteria present on the skin of a lot of patients with acne. They will be combined with the amount of sebum and dead cells to increase the severity of acne and the hairy leg swelling.

Inflammation of the hair follicle: Propionibacterium acnes bacteria When attacked pores, pores of the tube surface will swell. This causes swelling of acne pus appear on the skin. If swelling persists and is left untreated, the severe acne cysts will develop fur then, lead to infection and scarring.

Modern methods: in addition to the use of conventional medicines, the world currently using the new technology are as follows:

Effects on the seborrhea: Using CT3 Laser (US) with a wavelength of 1320nm direct impact projection on the sebaceous glands, effectively prevent the excessive seborrhea. Due to the new generation laser devices are equipped with a computer control system for cooling the surface and check the skin temperature, so even high-power laser beam impact on sebaceous glands, but not destroy the skin above . A regular session of about 4-6 times, each spaced about 1 week ./* Note Time depends on the location of each person * /

Effects on the horn funnel: Use of drugs used for peeling the skin acne to take away layers of skin peeled horns above, clean the skin surface, blocking the pores clogged pipe (combined drug use creams special treatment to protect and nourish the skin …).

Effects on bacteria: Using a beam of light IPL (moped) with a wavelength suitable for the impact that led to the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria destroy (P. acnes), the bacteria that cause acne.
A conventional treatments: 2 times per week, and continuously for about 4 weeks.

To increase efficiency, can incorporate these technologies simultaneously, including the use of drugs and limited development of acne.

There has been no prevention methods help acne completely. However, patients may limit the development of acne by:

– Skin Care regularly every day, gently wash your face, do not rub the skin too hard and too often, respecting skin structure, not injected officiate.
– Reduce the stress in your life.
– Avoid working cause excessive sweating. Bathroom and wipe the body after sweating.
– Diets sweet foods – fat such as tea, cakes, chocolate, mango, durian …
– Do not apply cosmetics to the skin, especially in the form of crème (cream), oily …
– Do not use corticosteroids.
– Avoid constipation

The Clean acne requires collaboration between the physician and patient. Patients must be patient, depending on the degree of pathology and sensitive skin condition that select appropriate technology. Duration is calculated by months rather than days. After the attack the acne, should be maintained, if not acne will recur. Good skin hygiene and appropriate diet will bring positive results in